On popular demand we bring to you in this article the details of SBI Clerk Job Salary, Promotion and Profile. We have earlier brought to you SBI Clerk Exam Syllabus and Eligibility Criteria, SBI Clerk Mock Test Series based on New Pattern and SBI Clerk Exam Important Dates

sbi clerk job salary

SBI Clerk Job Salary, Promotion and Profile

Job Profile

Main objective of a SBI Clerk is to guide and assist customers, civilians and probable clients through the various banking processes. They need to be highly trained and confident to answer each and every query put forward by the SBI Bank customer. The various set of tasks assigned are as follows:

  • Document Verification
  • Manning Single Window Counter
  • Issue Cash Receipts at Counters
  • Verification of  Vernacular Signatures
  • Attending to Government Treasury Work
  • Clearing and Transferring Cheques and Receipts as per request
  • Update Pass Books
  • Deposits and Withdrawal counter handling at times

Do note that SBI Clerk is an important role for the bank as SBI Clerk is required to guide customers in their doubts and queries, and also at times, explain new features of schemes, politics and banking services.

SBI Clerk Job Salary

The basic pay for a candidate newly recruited for the post of SBI Clerk will be Rs. 7200. The absolute pay scale breakdown is as follows.

 Basic Pay  7,200
 Dearness Allowance at 102.45% 8,784
 House Rent Allowance: 10% 800
 Transport Allowance 225
 *Total  Rs. 17,000 – 20,000

*Total Salary may vary a bit depending on city you are posted at. However, the overall range remains within the above bracket. 

SBI Clerk Job Promotions

Clerks have the opportunity to take part in promotions conducted once every 2 years (subject to change) & get elevated as Officers. Promotions are held by taking into account the performance of employees & interviews. After working for 3-4 years, you may also apply for non clerical open vacancies within the bank, other public sector and private banks or other financial institutions as they prefer to recruit candidates with experience in banking industry; and experience as clerk is valued in banking industry as you know how to handle the daily operations of the bank and what it takes to keep the customer happy.

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