With SNAP 2017 Results announced, we bring to you in this article What Next to make the best use of SNAP 2017 Score, which colleges to apply and how to prepare for GE, GD and PI for Symbiosis colleges like SIBM, SCMHRD, SIIB and others. 

SNAP 2017 Results Announced

Step 1: Check out if there is a college left which you may get at your SNAP Score, and you are yet to apply for it. If you think this is the college you may take admit in, then let the final decision be taken later – For now, Apply to it as you need to have a convert in hand to decide to join or not. So, do not miss the application deadline and apply right away. 

College wise SNAP Cutoffs can be CHECKED HERE.

Step 2: Start Preparing for GD GE PI Process

With no more wasting time, start off with GD GE PI preparation right away. Symbiosis colleges have their process ahead of every other college. Once the GEPI Shortlists are out, you will hardly get 2 weeks to prepare. So the wise man says you should start your preparation from today, with scores coming out. 

GD GE PI process of Symbiosis colleges will start from last week of Jan and will go upto mid February, based on college to college for all the major colleges. 

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