SNAP 2019 Analysis and Expected cutoff projection is what we bring to you in this article. SNAP 2019 Exam was conducted today on December 15, 2019. SNAP 2019 had a new exam pattern with no GK Section. 

SNAP 2019 Analysis

SNAP 2019 exam was probably one of the toughest exam of the MBA season so far. Quant section was difficult, while LR Section was moderate. Verbal section was easy to moderate. 

Let us have a look at SNAP 2019 Expected Cutoff for different MBA Colleges which accept SNAP Score. 

Cutoff (Score)
SIBM (Pune) – Flagship Course
75+ (General) 
72+  (KM)
60+ (SC) 
SCMHRD – Flagship Course
SIBM (Bengaluru)
SIOM, SIBM (Hyderabad), SITM, SCIT
SIMC Pune / Bangalore 50 + / 45+ 

There is no individual sectional cutoff for any SNAP College as per previous trends, hence students need not worry about the sectional breakup. 

Overall SNAP 2019 Exam Pattern was as shared below:

Total Marks
General English
34 × 1.5
Analytical & Logical Reasoning
36 × 1.5
Quantitative Aptitude, DI & DS
40 (35 + 5 )
(35 × 1) + (5 × 2)

SNAP 2019 Analysis – Sectional 

General English


Overall difficulty level was easy to moderate. 25 to 27 questions would be a very good attempt here. 


Verbal section had conventional types of questions ranging from grammar, vocabulary, figure of speech, modal verbs, sentence correction, foreign words,    correct spelling, fill in the blanks to reading comprehensions etc. However the difficulty level of verbal was easy to moderate. The verbal section was dominated by reading comprehension, vocabulary based, grammar and sentence completion questions.


There were also questions based on foreign words, modal verbs and figure of speech which added to the diversity of the paper. A few grammar based questions purely checked the fundamentals of grammar.  There were questions based on idiomatic usage and parts of speech. There was also one para jumble question. 


Analytical & Logical Reasoning


Overall difficulty level was moderate. 24 to 26 questions would be a very good attempt here.


This section had a few questions based on mathematical puzzle. The section included questions on visual reasoning, arrangements, family tree, verbal reasoning, calendar and missing number. This section was dominated by arrangements, puzzles and family tree based questions followed by 1 or 2 questions from remaining areas. One of the sets was based on movies (3 questions) and other set based on spice had 6 questions. It also included questions from analogy and verbal reasoning. There were two questions based on clock. The series question and coding were bit confusing and time consuming. 


Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & DS


Overall difficulty level was moderate to difficult.  22 to 26 questions would be a very good attempt here.


This section was dominated by geometry, modern mathematics, time speed distance and number system. There were 6 questions based on data interpretation. Some of them were calculation intensive. The questions based on permutation combination were tricky. Other topics like mensuration, polynomials, AP/GP had 1 to 3 questions each. 


Wish you all good luck for SNAP Results and in meanwhile, do not forget to check XAT Decision Making and Mocks Course.