SNAP has changed Exam Pattern in 2019 as per the latest notification and update on the official website. Let us have a detailed look at new SNAP Exam Pattern 2019 and the impact new SNAP Exam pattern will have on cutoff and difficulty level of the examination.

New SNAP Exam Pattern 2019

Key Highlights

  • SNAP 2019 test will be computer based test
  • SNAP Test duration is of 120 minutes
  • SNAP 2019 Exam will NOT have GK section
  • Only Quant section of the exam will have Special Type questions (read non MCQ)
  • Verbal section and LR Section will NOT have any special type questions
  • Every question in Verbal and LR Section will be of 1.5 marks (25% negative for incorrect answer)
  • MCQ questions in Quant sections will be of 1 mark each (25% negative for incorrect answer)
  • Non MCQ questions in Quant section will be of 2 marks each.
  • Special Type Questions will also fetch 25% negative marking
Section No. of Questions Total Marks
Verbal Ability & RC 34 (All MCQ) 51
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 36 (All MCQ) 54
Quant and Data Interpretation 40 (35 MCQ, 5 Non MCQ) 45

SNAP Exam 2019 will be conducted on December 15, 2019 from 2 PM to 4 PM. There will be total of 110 questions to be attempted in 120 minutes.

SNAP Exam 2019 Important Dates

Particular Date
Registration commences on 16 August 2019 (Friday)
Registration Closes on 23 November 2019 (Saturday)
Payment Closes on 23 November 2019 (Saturday)
Admit Card Live 02 December 2019 (Monday)
SNAP Online Test 2019 15 December 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 1400-1600 hours
Announcement of Result 10 January 2020 (Friday)

What Does New SNAP 2019 Exam Pattern Mean to you

SNAP 2019 Difficulty Level

SNAP 2019 Difficulty level is expected to remain the same.

With removal of GK section, you may expect SNAP 2019 difficulty level to be 5-10% higher than that of NMAT difficulty level.

Difficulty level of LR Section will be highest across 3 sections. Will have a blend of questions spread across topics.

Quant will continue to be Arithmetic and Algebra dominated, followed by Geometry, PnC and Probability. Number System will not have more than 2 questions once again as per past trends. 

Verbal section will be Reading Comprehension and vocabulary heavy.

SNAP 2019 Cutoff 

  • SNAP 2019 Cutoff for SIBM Pune and SCMHRD should remain in the range of 73-77 marks and 68-72 marks respectively.
  • Score of 65+ shall easily fetch you 96+ Percentile. 
  • Score of 78+ shall take you in 99.6+ Percentile range.
  • If you are scoring 70+ absolute marks consistently in Career Anna SNAP Mock Test Series, you can be rest assured of SIBM and SCMHRD calls.

SNAP 2019 Strategy 

We shall be taking a live youtube session on SNAP 2019 Strategy on coming Tuesday at 10 PM.

SNAP 2019 Preparation 

SNAP Coaching Course based on latest exam pattern and expected difficulty level

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