SPJIMR’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a two-year, full-time residential program equivalent to any other MBA program. SPJIMR is an innovative and socially responsive school of management, ranked among the top two-year residential programs in India. SP Jain Profile Based Calls for MBA Class of 2020-22 have been announced. The admission process at SPJIMR comprises two short-listing criteria – Profile Based calls and Profile + Exam Score Based calls for the next round of Admission Process which consists of 2 rounds of Group Personal Interviews. 

Key features of SP Jain Profile Based Shortlisting

  • The first phase of shortlisting is the Profile Based Shortlisting process.
  • Applicants are shortlisted on the basis of their profiles before submission of entrance test scores like CAT 2019 or XAT 2020 scores.
  • The Profile Based Shortlist is based on the candidates’ consistency of academic record, the relevance of work experience for the specialization, versatility & achievements.
  • The applicants those shortlisted in the first list are called for an early interview as well.
  • The candidates who are shortlisted on the basis of the profile are expected to meet the qualifying scores in at least one of the entrance exams as a qualifier.

SP Jain Profile Based Calls 2019

SP Jain announces the first shortlist of the applicants for PGDM 2020-22 batch on the basis of their profile and will provide them the opportunity to attend early interviews which begin on January 15, 2020.

The next shortlist of the applicants will be based on their CAT 2019 and XAT 2020 exam scores apart from taking into account their profile. 

Events Tentative Dates
Interview – Mumbai Phase 1 January 15 – January 17, 2020
Interview – New Delhi February 5  – February 8, 2020
Interview – Bengaluru February 13  – February 15, 2020
Interview – Kolkata February 13  – February 15, 2020
Interview – Mumbai Phase 2 February 19  – February 22, 2020

SP Jain Profile Based Shortlisting happens in two phases. In both phases shortlisting is done on the basis profiles, the criteria do not change. 


In the first phase, applicants are shortlisted on the basis of their profiles alone. They are also expected to meet the qualifying scores in at least one of the entrance exams as a qualifier to be eligible for interviews. Applicants shortlisted in the first list are called for an early interview.

Qualifying Scores for CAT 2019 and XAT 2020 exams are as follows: 

  • 70 Percentile in every section of the respective exam.
  • 85 Percentile overall.

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The second phase is held after the availability of entrance test scores. Applicants in this phase are called for interviews on the basis of their profile, along with their performance in the entrance tests. 

Shortlisting of Profiles

The Consistency of Academic Record

As you might be aware that academics play a key role in getting into your dream college, a profile which has a decent 85+ throughout Class X, Class XII and around 80+ in the graduation will boost your profile immensely. Make a list of all the academic achievements. Rank order them not in chronological order but in the terms of:

  • Level of achievement or position that you have secured.
  • Level of competition or perceived toughness – NTSC, AIEEE, JEE, Olympiads.
  • The scale of the achievement – School, City, District, State, National.

In case of less than 3 academic achievements then list the co-curricular achievements such as paper-presentations, journal publications or anything that is related to the academics.

Describe it in less than 50 words. Try to be as brief as possible if the achievement is something that is easy to understand. Use the remaining space to describe how this academic achievement is something that you have been consistently good at. Add anything that puts your achievement into a perspective.  

The Relevance of Work Experience for the Specialization

Decent work experience (better if it is in the relevant field/Profession). If you are interested in MBA and has worked in companies such as Ernst and Young, PWC, Deloitte and in the relevant sector or even remotely related to it (IT, Finance, Marketing, and Sales) then you stand a good chance of improving your overall profile.

Freshers’ can apply to only Marketing or Finance. Operations and IM attract recruiters who are looking for people with relevant work experience, usually an average work experience of at least 2 years. Non-engineering freshers’ such as Commerce, Economics or BBA graduates are eligible to apply to Finance. The reverse holds true for engineering fresh graduates, Marketing comes first and Finance next.

If you are mentioning the special area of interest, provide an explanation in 50 words. Use this space to mention why you are interested in this specialization and how your skills or traits are aligned to the same.

Internships do not count as work experience, whether it is done before or after college; work-experience needs to be full-time and paid. Start-ups can be counted as work-experience provided you have registered the firm and have proof of the same. Work experience in the family business also needs to be supported by salary slips to be considered as valid work experience.

Versatility & Achievements

Cultivating a hobby is extremely important for any profile based colleges like SP Jain. National level certificates for the said hobbies/extracurricular activities can be considered as evidence. Any activities such as writing, quizzing, debating, singing, so on and so forth.

A good extra-curricular profile can be one that has a major achievement in one particular area — state/national level sports, concert-level musician/dancer or any other achievement that clearly puts you in the top percentiles in that area and one more interest which can be minor. Another kind of profile can be one that has a lot of width like sports, music, social work, leadership average achievements in one or two areas and minor in others.

Do not approach it from the perspective of what evaluators might find attractive but rather look at the level of interest/achievement you have in that particular area.

Since this deals with the versatility ensure that you choose three different areas. If you have participated in CSR activities at your workplace or volunteered for NGOs those can be included as well. Rate yourself based on the diversity of things you have participated in and the level of interest across various areas.

The personal and professional sections are clearly demarcated. The personal section includes any activity where you took or were given responsibility. The professional section includes responsibilities that you undertook that were not part of your job description. In both cases use the description to put in the perspective:

  • The scale/importance of responsibility.
  • The role played.
  • The quality of the outcome.

As per past trends for an above-average profile, CAT/XAT Score cutoff has been in the range of 96-97 Percentile overall and 75 Percentile sectional cutoff.

SP Jain Profile Based Shortlisting advantageous for the candidates

  • Early interviews are convenient for students because it avoids overlapping with other interview calls during the admissions season.
  • To the Institute, it gives an opportunity to stagger interviews and ensure that the interview process remains robust.
  • A candidate who has a strong profile but has not done very well in the entrance exam also gets a chance to appear for the interview process if he/she is shortlisted and has a score which is higher than qualifying scores.

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