In this article, we bring to you SSC CGL 2015 August 16 GK Questions with Answers. Read on and check how many answers you got correct for SSC CGL 2015 August 16 GK Questions. The Questions are from morning shift of exam, we will update the afternoon shift questions and answers soon. Check expected cutoff for SSC CGL 16 August Here.


SSC CGL 2015 August 16 GK Questions with Answers

1. Quit India Movement Call to British was given in – 1942

2. Arrangement of Atmospheric Layers – Troposhere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere

3. RBI was nationalized in – 1949

4. Currency of Saudi Arabia – Riyal

5. Who gave the term Rhizosphere – Hiltner

6. Raja Ram mohan Roy was the founder of – Brahmo Samaj

7. Layer of atmosphere surrounding earth – Troposhere

8. Gene which exhibits multiple effects – Pleiotropic

9. Computer executes program in sequence of – Fetch, Decode, Execute

10. Ash grey soils of coniferous forests are known as – Podsols

11. Pulses are obtained from family – Leguminosae

12. NABARD stands for – National Bank for Rural and Agricultural Development

13. 2 specific heats of gases are related by – Cp – Cv = R/J

14. What is Reformation? Revolt against authority of Pope

15. What is popular sovereignty – Sovereignty of People’s representative

16. Who discovered reverse transcription – Temin and Baltimore

17. First speaker of Lok Sabha – G V Mavalankar

18. Metal ion present in B12 – Cobalt

19. Granite areas have upstanding looks because – these rocks are resistant to all kinds of erosion

20. Surplus budget is recommended during – Boom

21. Heat Budget? – Amount of heat earth receives from sun

22. First Indian woman president of UN General Assembly – Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

23. Which of the following industry is maximum consumer of water in India – Paper and Pulp

24. Evergreen forests are found in? Western Ghats

25. Who initiated formation of Indian National Congress? A.O.Hume

26. Meaning of constitutional monarchy? King exercises power granted by constitution

27. Microbial degradation of nitrates to atmosphere is called? De nitrification

28. Economic Profit is same as? Net Profit

29. Which is sweetest sugar from given options? Fructose

30. First nobel prize to India was given for – Literature

31. Ultra purification of metal is done by – Zone melting

32. Swaraj is my birth right and I will have it – Lokmanya Tilak

33. Voting is – Process by which voters exercise the right to vote

34. Enzyme that allows integration of HIV DNA to host cell DNA – Integrase

35. Muddy water is treated with alum in purification process – Coagulation

36. When was INC Formed? 1885

37. Burns caused by steam are more severe than those caused by boiling water because of – Latent Heat

38. Best way to conserve water resources – All of the above

39. Which particle has dual nature of particle wave – Electron

40. Plural voting system – Candidates themselves caste more than one vote

41. Days and nights are equal at – Equator

42. Best milch breed is – Holstein Friesian

43. SIDBI stands for – Small Industries Development Bank of India

44. Radioactivity was discovered by – BecQueral

45. Which plant shows chloroplast dimorphism – Sugarcane

46. Folk dance of India – Garba

47. Bangladesh was created in – 1971

48. 1 rupee note bears signature of – Secretary, Ministry of Finance

49. Ascending order of data hierarchy – Bit, byte, field, record, file, database

50. Light House of Mediterranean – Stromboli of Sicily

Check expected cutoff for SSC CGL 16 August Here.