Topper Converts MDI Gurgaon: They say the arrow that hits the bulls-eye is a result of a 100 misses. Well, that really rings true for India’s most competitive management entrance exam called the CAT exam. Every year, lakhs of students battle it out for that coveted B-school seat, where some hit the target, some miss it, some are seen flailing around and others decide to give it another go. We, however, bring to you the story of Tushar Verma, who cracked the CAT exam with a 99.11 percentile and without coaching! However, since one rule does not apply to all and all that matters is that you do well in the exam, you must resort to an Online CAT Coaching if you feel it will boost your score or aid you in any way possible.

Topper Converts MDI Gurgaon

Tushar managed the score that he got in his third attempt. In his long and arduous CAT journey, he once scored only 76 percentile in VA. The scores in his second attempt were 96.63 and he managed to get calls for around 8 interviews from top institutes and managed to convert a few baby IIMs, but he believed he could do even better so gave a third attempt and finally bagged MDI Gurgaon. In this article, he will tell how a topper converts MDI Gurgaon.

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What is the right time to start the CAT 2019 preparation?

The right time to start preparing for the CAT exam is May. You should familiarise yourself with the exam pattern, syllabus and other sections of the exam. Focus completely on the basics. Follow Arun Sharma and watch online videos for Quantitative Aptitude. Have a strategy under your belt when it comes to the LRDI section and get on with reading and working on your grammar for the VARC section.

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Coaching Vs. Self Study

There is no hard and fast rule which says that you must or must not enrol into a traditional or Online CAT Coaching, but it will help you cover the entire syllabus of the exam and help you streamline your preparation as well so you can score a high percentile in the CAT exam. Even an Online Mock Series will help you in faring well in the exam as Mocks are the backbone of the CAT exam.

Some aspirants have enroled in coachings as per their convenience and some have not. This does not mean that either party is at a loss, since a solid preparation strategy and hard work is all you need to ace the CAT exam, coaching or not.

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Enrol into a Coaching or leverage the internet

The only difference between enroling in an Online CAT Coaching or Offline CAT Coaching is that the former gets preparation material tailor-made exclusively for them and other section-wise preparation material. However, if you do not want to join a coaching, you can leverage the internet instead for ample study material, question banks and sample papers by expert authors available both online and offline. Gather the right study material and study in a systematic and diligent manner. Practicing the sample question papers will help you gain a fair idea of the exam pattern and about your strengths and weaknesses.

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Time Management

The CAT exam also tests the candidates’ time-management skills besides testing them on sectional knowledge. Therefore, it is important to have a strategic plan to tackle the test in a given period of time. Tushar says, “Try to attempt every section in three rounds. In the first round, pick questions which you are sure about and can solve without wasting time. For Round 2, pick questions which are an opportunity for you, while in Round 3, pick questions which you think you can solve but are time-consuming and ensure you answer all the non-MCQs as they do not have any negative marking.”

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Topper Converts MDI Gurgaon: Section-wise Strategies

Quantitative Ability

For QA, opt for extensive practice from mock papers and previous years papers. You may also join an Online CAT Quant Course and brush up the basic concepts. Learn time-saving methods like tables, squares, cubes and percentage equivalent of fractions. Practice solving questions within 2 minutes. This is the average time you get to spend on each question in Quant. Only practice can help you master this section.

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

LR and DI again require extensive practice. Knowing tables, squares, cubes, and calculation tips and tricks are quite handy while solving DI. In the Data Interpretation section, a lot of calculation is involved. So approximations and Vedic maths can help a lot. You may or may not join an Online CAT LRDI Course and get familiar with all kinds of graphs and charts in DI and puzzles in LR. Learn to practice quick calculations. Attempt at least 20 questions or 4 sets each of DI and LR daily. Each set usually takes 10-15 minutes to solve. Try to solve them within 8-12 minutes.

Verbal Ability

For Verbal Ability, some basic knowledge of grammar and sentence construction is useful. One can join an Online CAT Verbal Ability Course for more guidance in this section. For RC, solve two CAT level RC passages daily and for Verbal Ability learn 15 to 20 new words from the vocabulary builder every day. As far as the Reading Comprehension section is concerned, it is important to read articles from diverse topics like politics, sports, philosophy, etc. Learn the basics of grammar like adjectives, tenses, articles, modifiers, etc. and practice them as well. Get in the habit of reading questions first instead of the passages. Just give a quick glance to these questions and get an idea of the difficulty level. Then sweep through the passage quickly and assess how easily you understand it. Make a combination of both and attempt the questions.

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Besides the aforementioned tips and journey of Topper converts MDI Gurgaon, you must remember that Mocks are required to craft your very own winning strategy and you must work around both your strengths and weaknesses. So, I would suggest all the students to practice around 25+ mocks and analyse them thoroughly to maximise your CAT score on the D-day.

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