TISSNET 2019 Cutoffs Can be CHECKED HERE. Thank you for the overwhelming response and appreciation of TISSNET Coaching Course. After bringing to you the Top Courses at TISS, today we bring to you TISS Cutoff for All Courses. 

TISS Cutoff for All Courses

Please note that all the below mentioned cutoffs are for General Category. SC/ST cutoffs could be anywhere between 8-15 marks less than the General Category cutoff.

Please note that these are tentative and should not be taken as the benchmark. Your aim should always be to score as high as possible in the exam and not just clear the cutoff. Higher written exam score will always help you in TISS PIT PI Process, for which you can start the preparation HERE.

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Without any further delay, let us have a look at the cutoffs.

Course Name Cutoff (out of 100)
Human Resource Management  72+
Organization Development and Change Leadership 70+
Development Studies 69+
Globalization and Labour  69+
Social Work (Public Health) 66+
Social Work (Women-Centred Practice)  63+
Social Epidemioligy  63+
Social Work (CODP) 62+
Master of Law  61+
Social Work (Criminology & Justice) 60+
Social Work (Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship) 60+
Social Work (Mental Health) 60+
Health Administration  60+
Urban Governance / Regulatory Governance  62+
Disaster Management  60+
Hospital Administration  59+
Clinical Psychology / Counselling Psychology  58+
Media and Cultural Studies  57+
Women’s Studies (Hyderabad campus)  57+
Rural Development  57+
Climate Change 56+
Social Entrepreneurship  56+
Social Work (Dalit & Tribal Studies and Action)  56+
Social Work (Disability Studies & Action)  54+
MA in Education (Mumbai campus)  56+
Water Policy and Governance  55+
Natural Resource & Governance  55+
MA in Education (Hyderabad campus)  54+
Peace and Conflict Studies  52+

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