TISSNET is the exam for admission to multiple Master programmes at TISS Mumbai, Hyderabad and Tuljapur campuses. As per TISS Admission process, after TISSNET entrance exam, PIT (Pre Interview Test) and PI (Personal Interview) is conducted for next round of admission process. Almost all the courses offered by TISS have only PIT and PI in second phase. On popular demand, we bring to you in this article the list of possible TISS PIT Essay Topics 2019 – applicable across the programmes, as PIT programmes for all the courses are on social lines. 

ENROL FOR TISS PIT PI Preparation Course

TISS PIT Essay Topics 2019

1. Rural Vs Urban development.

2. Animal research is a moral Crime.

3. Are we producing a generation of burnt out children?

4. Black money- How black is it?

5. Brain Drain is good for the country.

6. What matters more – Outlook or Talent?

7. Hope for ill gains is the beginning of loss.

8. Happiness is a mystery; like religion and it should not be rationalized.

9. Law is the creation of the strong to rule the weak.

10. Food is more important than Ethics.

11. Impact of Climate Change and need for control

12. How to make Indian Banking system more inclusive

13. Is India the next superpower based on its inclusive growth figures?

14. How eyewash is Corporate Social Responsibility

15. Is Statue of Unity a symbol of pride or a wastage of public money?

16. What is the impact of social media on human behavior and society?

17. Initiatives to take to prevent child malnutrition in India

18. How to prevent widespread child labour in India

ENROL FOR TISS PIT PI Preparation Course

PIT Topics very specific to different Masters in Public Health courses

1. Role of ethics in Public Health


2. Corruption in execution of Public Health Policies


3. How would you address following problems in a country like India
  • Sex ratio 
  • Tuberclosis
  • Tobacco / Oral Cancer
  • HIV
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Female Infoeticide
  • Diabetes
  • Communicable illness
  • Depression
4. Different kind of initiatives and awareness campaigns you can run to solve public health related issues


5. Did MeToo Campaign get lost in unethical claims of few women


6. How to make healthcare more inclusive


7. Ways to take Healthcare schemes to remotest areas


PIT Topics very specific to HRM, ODCL and Globalisation & Labour Courses


1. Role of Ethics in Human Resources Management


2. Role of Change Management in Organization’s Growth


3. Importance of Change Management in Human Resource Management


4. Importance of ensuring gender diversity in workforce


5. How to reduce workplace harassment


6. How Indian workforces can leverage globalization without brain drain