Thank you for the overwhelming response and appreciation of TISSNET Coaching Course. After bringing to you the Top Courses at TISS, and Cutoff for all TISS Courses;  we bring to you int this article TISS Placements Figures for All Courses. Please note that there is no official placement report for non HR Courses. 

TISS Placements for All Courses

The table below shows Median Salary for TISS Placements for all courses.

Course Name Median Salary (in INR)
Human Resource Management  18.5 lakh
Organization Development and Change Leadership 12 lakh
Development Studies 8 lakh
Globalization and Labour  9 lakh
Social Work (Public Health) 8 lakh
Social Work (Women-Centred Practice)  6 lakh
Social Epidemioligy  6 lakh
Social Work (CODP) 5.5 lakh
Master of Law  9 lakh
Social Work (Criminology & Justice) 7.5 lakh
Social Work (Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship) 5 lakh
Social Work (Mental Health) 5.5 lakh
Health Administration  8 lakh
Urban Governance / Regulatory Governance  5 lakh
Disaster Management  5 lakh
Hospital Administration  8.5 lakh
Clinical Psychology / Counselling Psychology  5 lakh
Media and Cultural Studies  6.5 lakh
Women’s Studies (Hyderabad campus)  5 lakh
Rural Development  5 lakh
Climate Change 5.5 lakh
Social Entrepreneurship  NA
Social Work (Dalit & Tribal Studies and Action)  5 lakh
Social Work (Disability Studies & Action)  5 lakh
MA in Education (Mumbai campus)  6.5 lakh
Water Policy and Governance  5 lakh
Natural Resource & Governance  5 lakh
MA in Education (Hyderabad campus)  5.5 lakh
Peace and Conflict Studies  5 lakh


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