TISS Mumbai Results are out and to facilitate the current aspirants batch and the future batch of TISS Aspirants, we bring to you in this article category wise TISSNET 2019 Cutoff for all courses at TISS.

TISSNET 2019 Cutoff

Name of the Course TISSNET 2019 Cutoff Marks out of 100
HRM 75 marks (General),

70 (EWS), 71 (Defense), 68 (OBC)

ODCL 67 (General)
Globalization and Labour 71 (General)
Development Studies 70 (General)
Public Health 61 (General)
Peace and Conflict 55 (General)
Social Epidemiology 50 (General)
Hospital Management 61 (General)
Healthcare Management 61 (General)
Psychology (Mumbai campus) 57 (General)

ENROLL FOR TISS PIT PI Preparation Course

Name of the Course TISSNET 2019 Cutoff Marks out of 100
Media and Cultural Studies 65 (General)
Social Work for Children and Family 53 (General)
Mental Health 54 (General)
Women Studies 48 (General)
Social Entrepreneurship 62 (General)
Public Policy and Governance (Hyderabad Campus) 65 (General), 46 (OBC)
Urban Governance 62 (General)
Disaster Management 58 (General)

TISSNET 2019 Cutoff: Important GD Topics to cover for TISS GD/PI Round

1. Rural Vs Urban development.

2. Animal research is a moral Crime.

3. Are we producing a generation of burnt out children?

4. Black money- How black is it?

5. Brain Drain is good for the country.

6. What matters more – Outlook or Talent?

7. Hope for ill gains is the beginning of loss.

8. Happiness is a mystery; like religion and it should not be rationalized.

9. Law is the creation of the strong to rule the weak.

10. Food is more important than Ethics.

11. Impact of Climate Change and the need for control

12. How to make the Indian Banking system more inclusive

13. Is India the next superpower based on its inclusive growth figures?

14. How eyewash is Corporate Social Responsibility

15. Is the Statue of Unity a symbol of pride or a wastage of public money?

16. What is the impact of social media on human behavior and society?

17. Initiatives to take to prevent child malnutrition in India

18. How to prevent widespread child labour in India

ENROLL FOR TISS PIT PI Preparation Course