TISSNET 2020 Analysis and Expected Cutoff: TISSNET 2020 Exam was conducted on January 4, 2020. TISSMAT exam was also conducted on the same day for HRM and ODCL Candidates. TISSNET 2020 Exam had moderate to difficult GK section as compared to previous 5 years, and TISSMAT exam was way easier as compared to what was predicted based on TISSMAT sample paper which was released by TISS. Let us have a detailed look at TISSNET 2020 Analysis and Expected Cutoff. 

TISSNET 2020 Analysis

TISSMAT Analysis

All 3 sections had 15 Questions – DI, RC and Business Awareness

  • DI was very easy – All 15 questions were doable
  • English RC section had two passages:
    – 1 on Railway operating unit consisting of 8 questions
    – 2nd RC was consisting of 7 questions
  • RC was bit on factual interpretation and logical analysis of the comprehension. 
  • Overall RCs were moderate in difficulty level 
  • Business Awareness section had 11 out of 15 Questions from the GK Material provided in TISSNET Coaching and TISSNET Mocks and GK Course – Most of these were current affairs / recent happenings
  • 1 question from marginal cost and 1 from labour relation (these were among the 4 which were not from our GK Material) 

Ideal TISSMAT Score 

22 to 25 is a good TISSMAT score for good chances in Final Composite Score calculation. 

Do note that there is no sectional or overall cutoff for TISSMAT.

TISSNET 2020 Analysis

This is where the surprise awaited, let’s say unpleasant surprise for the candidates. GK section was moderate to difficult, not from content perspective, but from question formation perspective. Questions were framed more on the lines of UPSC GK, and less on the lines of traditional GK which has come in TISSNET for last 4-5 years. Hence, despite GK not being very difficult, some candidates found it very difficult.

  • Contemporary GK questions were missing this year in TISSNET GK Section
  • Rivers, National Parks, Geography saw a miss this year, while they had been favorite topics in previous years
  • From history, viceroy and governor general questions were asked, which were covered in TISSNET GK material provided in our courses
  • 1 question from international current affairs was asked
  • 12 to 15 current affairs questions were easily doable in the paper. They had twisted language, but if read carefully all were doable and almost were covered in the Factsheets and Current Affairs videos provided by us
  • Overall TISSNET GK had around 25 – 27 questions from our GK Study material. A slight drop as compared to last year.
  • Questions like first Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna was asked which no one was expecting
  • Quant questions were slightly easy. More of use cases and language questions. 8-10 question were asked in language form. This we have covered in our free quant formula book.
  • English section was easy except 1 RC which was difficult. 
  • 2 RC Questions with 4 questions each, 3 Parajumbles, 4 error detection, 4 antonyms and synonyms, 2 logical arrangement, 1 logical deduction were the questions covered

Expected TISSNET Cutoff 2020

TISSNET Cutoff is expected to fall this year due to some strange questions in the paper, which have never been traditionally the part of TISSNET Exam. We expect HRM and ODCL cutoff to fall by 3-4 marks as compared to last year, and for other courses it should fall by 2-3 marks.

GK Sectional cutoff would be 14 marks. Verbal and Maths sections have no sectional cutoff.

Here is the expected TISSNET Cutoff for some of the major courses for general category. OBC and KM cutoff is usually 2-3 marks lesser than that of general, SC cutoff will usually be 6-7 marks lesser and ST by around 9-10 marks lesser than the general cutoff for most of the courses

Course Name Cutoff (out of 100)
Human Resource Management  68-69
Organization Development and Change Leadership 66-68
Development Studies 64-65
Globalization and Labour  66-68
Social Work (Public Health) 61-63
Social Work (Women-Centred Practice)  57-59
Social Epidemioligy  58-60
Social Work (CODP) 56-58
Master of Law  55-57
Social Work (Criminology & Justice) 54-56
Social Work (Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship) 54-56
Social Work (Mental Health) 52-54
Health Administration  54-56
Urban Governance / Regulatory Governance  52-54
Disaster Management  51-53
Hospital Administration  52-54
Clinical Psychology / Counselling Psychology  54-56
Media and Cultural Studies  51-53
Women’s Studies (Hyderabad campus)  53-55
Rural Development  53-55
Climate Change 51-53
Social Entrepreneurship  50-52
Social Work (Dalit & Tribal Studies and Action)  50-52
Social Work (Disability Studies & Action)  49-51
MA in Education (Mumbai campus)  51-53
Water Policy and Governance  48-50
Natural Resource & Governance  48-50
MA in Education (Hyderabad campus)  50-52
Peace and Conflict Studies  48-50

Wish all the candidates good luck for TISSNET Results and thank you for trusting Career Anna the most for TISSNET Preparation for 4th consecutive year, and making it the most enrolled TISSNET Course of the year.