TISSNET 2021 Exam was relatively tougher than previous years and in this article we bring to you the course wise expected TISSNET 2021 Cutoff. Please note that this is a prediction based on analysis and actual exam’s cutoff may vary. 

Expected TISSNET 2021 Cutoff

EWS cutoffs are usually 2-3 marks less than General, OBC usually 2 marks less than General and SC cutoffs will usually be 4-6 marks less than that of General. Please note that cutoffs also depend on number of seats in the course. Calls are usually given in the ratio of 1:6

Course Name Cutoff (out of 100)
Human Resource Management  69-70
Organization Development and Change Leadership 68-69
Development Studies 66-67
Globalization and Labour  67-68
Social Work (Public Health) 64-65
Social Work (Women-Centred Practice)  59-60
Social Epidemiolgy  62-63
Social Work (CODP) 57-59
Master of Law  59-60
Social Work (Criminology & Justice) 55-57
Social Work (Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship) 55-57
Social Work (Mental Health) 53-55
Health Administration  55-56
Urban Governance / Regulatory Governance  57-58
Disaster Management  51-53
Hospital Administration  54-55
Clinical Psychology / Counselling Psychology  58-60
Media and Cultural Studies  54-55
Women’s Studies (Hyderabad campus)  53-55
Rural Development  53-55
Climate Change 54-56
Social Entrepreneurship  52-54
Social Work (Dalit & Tribal Studies and Action)  52-54
Social Work (Disability Studies & Action)  50-52
MA in Education (Mumbai campus)  54-56
Water Policy and Governance  48-50
Natural Resource & Governance  48-50
MA in Education (Hyderabad campus)  51-53
Peace and Conflict Studies  48-50
Public Policy and Governance  62-63

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