Many of you have been asking about the top courses among the many courses provided by TISS to which you can apply. In this article, we will be presenting to you the list of Top Courses at TISS Mumbai. With all due respect to TISS Hyderabad and other campuses, at this point of time we do not suggest to go to other campuses than the parent Mumbai campus. Let us now have a quick look at the Top Courses at TISS Mumbai. 


Top Courses at TISS Mumbai

Course Name Cutoff (out of 100)
Human Resource Management  72+
Organization Development and Change Leadership 70+
Development Studies 69+
Globalization and Labour  69+
Social Work (Public Health) 66+
Social Work (Women-Centred Practice)  63+
Social Epidemioligy  63+
Social Work (CODP) 62+
Master of Law  61+
Social Work (Criminology & Justice) 60+
Social Work (Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship) 60+
Social Work (Mental Health) 60+
Health Administration  60+
Urban Governance / Regulatory Governance  62+
Disaster Management  60+
Hospital Administration  59+
Clinical Psychology / Counselling Psychology  58+
Media and Cultural Studies  57+
Women’s Studies (Hyderabad campus)  57+
Rural Development  57+
Climate Change 56+
Social Entrepreneurship  56+
Social Work (Dalit & Tribal Studies and Action)  56+
Social Work (Disability Studies & Action)  54+
MA in Education (Mumbai campus)  56+
Water Policy and Governance  55+
Natural Resource & Governance  55+
MA in Education (Hyderabad campus)  54+
Peace and Conflict Studies  52+

M.A in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations

Undoubtedly the best course offered at the Mumbai campus. Equivalent to MBA in HR and is treated as the country’s second best programme in HR, after the HRM course offered by XLRI Jamshedpur. Cutoff for the course last year for General category was 74 out of 100, and keeps varying between 74-81 year on year. Hence we suggest the students to target a 80+ score to be on the safest side for the most renowned course of TISS Mumbai. 

As of today, if you ask us to recommend, we will recommend only this course. However, following are few more courses which you may explore.

Master of Health Administration and Master of Hospital Administration

These two are decent courses and with the brand of TATA attached to your resume, you may expect a decent career start through these courses. However, these are pretty niche courses and will restrict your career to Health Industry. So, go for it only if you are sure to work only in this industry. Though in long term, you may always get into consulting profile for Healthcare industry.

M.A in Development Studies

Another decent course offered by TISS Mumbai, though the placements are not at par with a front line premier institute. However, it does provide a good platform for one to launch the career exposure wise, though not monetarily. You may pursue career in diverse sectors such as consultancy organisations, corporate organisations involved in socio-economic activities, research and think tank bodies, non-governmental organisations (NGO´s), medial, development facilitating national and international agencies, academic institutions as well as in civil and administrative services.

M.A in Climate Change and Sustainability Practices

Recently launched course and hence still has to prove the mettle in corporate arena. However, from long term perspective, Climate Change and Sustainability Practices is definitely among one of the great areas to build your career in. 

However, the course may end up competing with the Industrial and Environmental Safety Management course offered by NITIE (which has already established a good reputation in industry with the best profiles being offered in it) and by couple of IIMs. This will demand a bit more from the course to establish itself as a leader.

M.A in Globalization and Labour

An emerging course, but still a long way to go compared with other courses at TISS Mumbai. Not much support on the placement side for the course, as companies are still to embrace the course with full throttle.

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