CAT 2019 Preparation Plan: Manav is a General Engineer Male who scored 47%ile overall in his first mock and cracked CAT in his very first attempt with a 99.4%ile without any coaching institute. His journey bears testimony to the fact that grit and hard work alone can make one tide against every force of the world and achieve what one wishes for. All he did was to take up an Online CAT Coaching and practice plenty of Mock Tests before the exam.

CAT 2019 Preparation Plan

“I wrote my first mock scoring just 47 percentile. And I didn’t let the scores define me and kept on working on improving my knowledge. I started with Arun Sharma’s Quant. Mocks and sectionals formed a major part of my preparation. I started with a mere 47 marks in my first mock to 99.4 in QA. I would suggest everyone to treat mocks as their main study material. Marks should not matter in the initial stages, rather you must learn and analyze each and every mistake you do and note it down in a separate notebook which you must keep revising every week. The more mistakes you commit, the more you learn. If a normal guy like me can make it happen, then every aspirant out there, who is far more competent to ace this exam must not feel demotivated with low mock scores” says Manav.

CAT 2019 Preparation Plan: Assess your weak areas

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension: “This was the weakest section for me and it became even more evident after the initial mock exams of the test series I joined for Online CAT Verbal Preparation. For the entire period, I used to read two to three editorials every day” said Manav. Solve two to three Reading Comprehensions every day from different sources like sectional tests of test series, study materials, and books. Attempt sectional tests and mocks and practice as much as you can for this section.

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning: “For the past few years, this LRDI section has been the toughest and make or break section. I can’t stress enough on the importance of practice and analysis for this particular section” says Manav.

Join an Online CAT LRDI Course. Solve at least two to three sets of DILR every day and analyze the solution to check if you could have solved this set in an efficient way. The sets which are a part of CAT in the past few years are a mix of DI and LR, but most of the books for this section focus on either on DI or LR and fewer problem sets with a mix of two. So, make sure that you get enough exposure to such mixed problem sets. Enroll for any test series where you will be exposed to plenty of them. Understanding the logic and the best method to solve a set is very important.

Quantitative Ability: “With the initial analysis, I understood that I needed a lot of practice in this section for which I joined an Online CAT Quant Course. Essentially, my aptitude needed polishing. What worked for me was that my math basics were in place. Thanks to my engineering but I lacked speed and real-time test execution. To hone these skills, I started taking mocks” says Manav.

“Maximise or aim for 100 percentile in QA as this is the section which will compensate for the less marks in other sections. I prepared a formula booklet of all the concepts and tricks for all the chapters of QA and kept updating it with all the test series and this became my last-minute revision for all the concepts before the D-day. I used to solve at least 30-40 questions every day from past CAT papers, test series, sectional tests, book materials” said Manav.

CAT 2019 Preparation Plan: Work through Mocks

The sooner you start taking CAT Mock Tests, the better it will be for your preparation. Before you begin taking your mock, these are the things that you should be doing:

  • Go through the analysis of all your previous mocks, identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses so that you can attempt questions accordingly.
  • Maintain a proper rough sheet so that you can go through it while analyzing the mock. This will enable you to figure out where you are committing calculation errors and other silly mistakes.
  • Once you have taken the mock, make sure that you do the analysis within 1-2 days of the results and solution getting published. As the results come out typically after 2-3 days of taking the mock (depending on how soon or late in the mock window you attempt it), it’s imperative that you analyze it as soon as the results come out.

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CAT 2019 Preparation Plan: Mock Test Analysis

  • Solve all the questions that you couldn’t solve or got wrong during the exam without any time limit. This will enable you to reach the solution on your own, which helps in retaining it for a longer period of time.
  • Bookmark the problems which had a different kind of question, a novel method of solving it or had anything which you would want to revise again.

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Keep Calm and Execute

Before the D-day, it is very essential to stay calm and not worry too much about the exam. As the timer starts, focus on getting each question that you attempt to contribute a positive score. Do not be afraid to move on from questions that takes more time to solve. Remember, it’s about getting the questions right and not getting difficult questions right.