Tips to score 99 percentile in CAT 2019: CAT 2018 didn’t work out? Not a problem! If you want to get into a top business school in 2020, now is the time for you to lift your game and take CAT 2019 head-on. From tackling all 3-sections of CAT to identifying key strategies for mock test analysis, we have you covered. It is high time that you pull up your socks and get ready for the percentile battle. It is always better to start the preparations early as this will give you enough time to learn, practice and test yourself, besides it helps you find the right study material for your exam preparations. Making a daily routine and following it is the key. Prepare a schedule for your preparation and follow it diligently. Initially, it might be difficult to follow, but once you get used to it, it will be like a normal day.

Tips to Score 99 percentile in CAT

The urge to be a part of the prestigious IIM brand made Ashika Srivastava, a B.Com graduate, prepare with a strategically devised plan and crack CAT with 99.6 percentile. Currently, a PGP student at IIM Lucknow, Ashika says that the need to know the CAT exam syllabus and pattern thoroughly is the first and foremost requirement to score a 99+%ile in all the sections of CAT. “My strong area was Quant and my weakest area was DI simply because it was too time-consuming for me. I took up an Online CAT Coaching to strengthen my basics along with mock test series. On the D-Day, since my ultimate focus was one attempting as many questions as possible, I made it a point that I would not take more than 2 minutes per question. That turned out to be useful as I was able to maximize my attempts” said Ashika. Here are a few tips that Ashika adopted during her CAT Preparation.

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Tips to score 99 percentile in CAT VARC Section

This section does not require fluent English or a superior vocabulary. It simply tests the verbal logic. VARC section comprises of 34 questions, out of 24 are Reading Comprehension questions and 10 are Verbal Ability. 24 Reading Comprehension questions are usually divided into 5 passages. Focus on comprehension instead of speed reading. If you understand the passage well, answering the questions is quite easy.

First and the most important thing for RC is to read the questions before reading the passage. When you have had a look at the keywords in the question, it becomes easier to find them and remember in which section they are, so solving the data based questions becomes easy. For the main theme and inference questions, understanding of the entire passage is a must. In this case, concentrate more on the first, penultimate and the last paragraphs. Many times, the answer will depend heavily on these paragraphs. Target to complete the grammar questions first and then move to the RCs. This will leave you with fewer questions unattempted. Please make sure that you have enough time for the RCs, they are the make or break parts for the verbal section. Verbal Ability questions consist of para jumbles, odd sentences, etc. Most of the practice that one needs for this section can be gained from an Online CAT Verbal Course and mocks, and you can improve immensely if you work hard.

Tips to score 99 percentile in CAT LRDI Section

LRDI is always the most unpredictable section, as past trends have shown. Start doing 4 sets every day. Take around 5-10 minutes to go through all the sets, and classify these sets into three sections in the order of difficulty. The first section has the must do sets(2-3sets), the second section has the sets that aren’t as easy, but still doable to an extent (2-3sets), the third section has all the super hard sets that have to be left and given no further attention. That’s the trick, you don’t need to do 8 sets. You just need to do 4-5 sets. Lastly, even the most difficult sets have 1 or 2 easy questions. If you get time, try to pick those easy questions that require minimum calculation. Practicing different kinds of sets helps you do all of this better, and is, therefore, an absolute necessity.

Here, the selection of sets is paramount. No easy set should be missed. Once you have selected a set, proceed in a systematic manner. For LRDI section, solving the caselets from the past year papers is mandatory. Also, Target to crack the logic and methodology for caselets in the first 5 minutes and then target to complete the remaining questions. Leave out the tricky questions in a passage and attempt the simple questions. Attempting all the questions in a caselet is not advisable as this will invite negative marking. Join an Online CAT LRDI Course, take two test series and give at least 25-30 mocks before the exam. Critically analyze your mistakes and create an error log wherein you jot down all the areas where you tend to go wrong and improve your performance.

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Tips to score 99 percentile in CAT QA Section

The strategy to get good scores in this QA section is to have sound basics. So if anyone is struggling with basics, start with NCERT textbooks. Having good basics will help you to visualize each and every problem, and would often be able to predict what the question setter is going to ask, even before reading the entire question. One can join an Online CAT Quant Course to get a thorough understanding of basics. The accuracy in this section should be close to 100% because if you spend time on solving a question, you must gain some marks out of it. Once you achieve accuracy, work on increasing the number of attempts.

Also, the selection of questions is important. Each question has the same marks, but the time required for solving each of them is different. So, one should always solve the easy questions first. If you are not comfortable with a particular topic such as Geometry, skip those questions initially and visit them later. Quantitative Aptitude section is all about practice. Solve as much as you can. Take up sectional tests and mocks. Analyze the mistakes you have made after every 10 sectional tests and make sure not to repeat them again.

Importance of Mock Test Series

The magic word to crack CAT is “Mocks”.  You could solve Arun Sharma as many times as you would like, but unless you take a lot of CAT Mock Tests, you can’t do well in CAT. In my opinion, coaching and practice make up for only 50% of your total output. The rest 50% is your mocks. CAT isn’t a test of who knows more. You need to write at least 30 plus, preferably 40 plus mocks. This is a must. Apart from full mocks, you should also write sectional mocks. They’re equally as important to hone your test-taking skills.

Never ever give up. Hard work always pays. When it comes to CAT practice is the key. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Also, at some point in time, you might think that you’ve reached the zenith, but you have to go beyond that. All the Best!