With UIIC AO exam few hours from now, we bring to you the list of UIIC AO Expected Questions and Last Minute Tips for UIIC AO exam.


UIIC AO Expected Questions

Reasoning Section

1. Linear Arrangement (North South facing)               :5 Questions 

2. Circular Arrangement (Inward – Outward)            : 5 Questions

3. Puzzle                                                                               : 10 Questions

(based on Floor and Color)                                                                      

(based on three variable)                                      

4. Syllogism                                                                         : 5 Questions 

English Section

1. RC (Insurance based)         : 10 Questions

2. Para jumbles                         : 5 Questions

3. Sentence Correction            : 5 Questions

4. Spotting Error                       :  5 Questions

5. Cloze test                                : 10 Questions

6. Fill in the Blanks                   : 5 Questions

Numerical Ability

1. Number Series                          : 5 Questions

2. Quadratic Equation                 : 5 Questions

3. DI (Tabular and Line)             : 10 Questions

4. Data Sufficiency                       : 5 Questions

Other Expected Questions:

  • Profit & Loss : 2 Questions
  • Boat & Stream: 2 Questions
  • Probability: 3 Questions
  • Simple Interest: 1 Question
  • Percentage: 2 Questions
  • Time and Work: 2 Questions
  • Mensuration: 1 Question

Last Minute Tips for UIIC AO exam to score High

Time Management

1. English: 20 min – Possible Attempts  25 – 30 Questions

2. Reasoning:  40 min – Possible Attempts 28 – 30 Questions

3. Quantitative Aptitude: 35 min –   Possible Attempts 25 – 28 Questions

4. Gk + Current Affairs: 15 min Possible Attempts 28 – 32 Questions

5. Computer: 10 min Possible Attempts 15 – 18 Questions

How to score High in English

  • Since the RC is mainly based on Insurance, so it may take 5-7 minutes to read. Also, there will be 5 Questions in RC which will be just Antonyms/Synonyms of the words from passage, hence you can attempt first these 5 questions to save on time. 
  • Skip title based question if you are not getting idea, as no point in wasting time in a high risk question.
  • While doing Antonyms & Synonyms read the passage carefully & choose word accordingly as the same word can have different meaning.
  • ParaJumbles are easy – ensure you do not miss out at them – read them carefully, try to identify first and the last sentence and that will make your life easy. 

How to score High in Numerical Ability

  • Start with Quadratic Equations, then move to Series based Questions and then move to DI.
  • Once done with DI, move to other questions. DI is going to be very easy, but a bit calculation intensive – hence you can get all 10 correct here easily, in around 10 minutes.
  • You can easily do 21-24 questions by following above points.

How to score High in Reasoning Section

Our suggestion is to attempt the Reasoning in this order, based on difficulty level and the accuracy which you can get in these topics:

  1. Syllogism
  2. Floor Puzzle
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Linear Arrangement
  5. Circular Arrangement
  6. 3 Variables Puzzle – Do not spend a lot of time on this, if you do not understand it at one go. 

GK Section

  • Ensure you have revised current affairs from the months of January 2016 to May 2016
  • Remember all the Important Days of the month of April and May

Mentors at Career Anna suggest you

  • Select questions properly, skip the lengthy questions at first go, come back to them later when time is in hand
  • Don’t make wild guess as you will lose 0.25 marks for every incorrect answer
  • Revise the basics from now till the exam time, and may be solve 1 Full length mock more (don’t study new topics at this point of time)
  • A proper strategy & sound mindset will definitely help you to clear all the hurdles
  • Be confident, have faith in your abilities and remember your dream of getting a good job – no one can you from achieving success

All the best everyone!