Your own team at Career Anna understands the importance and significance of each and every B School call you have. We know how much the call matters to you even if it is from non IIM. Hence, we give equal importance and assist you with the same enthusiasm whether you have the call from Top IIMs, Top B Schools or a normal B School. For us what matters is the conversion of atleast 1 of your best 2-3 calls; so that we may bring a smile to your face of succeeding in your MBA Dream. With the same vision, we bring to you not only the Personalized WAT GD PI Course, but also College Customized WAT GD PI Course – one of its kind PDP Program, which amalgamates Personalization with College Level Customization.

Career Anna WAT GD PI Course - Personalized PDP Program

Career Anna WAT GD PI Course

How it starts

As soon as you enroll, you need to fill a form with details of the calls you have and the calls your are expecting. (This helps us in knowing your top 3 calls and customize the training for you). 

In addition to this, you get a PDP Form in your account, which you need to fill and send to us for review. We help you refine and fine tune all the answers in the PDP Form. This PDP form has all the make or break questions asked in Personal Interview. We keep on iterating the answers with you till we find the answers to be good enough. 

Assistance for Colleges

We help you fine tune the SOPs / Forms which colleges ask at this stage. We help you customize these as per the colleges. So, if you have to send SOP to 3 colleges, we will customize it thrice for you. (Something no Coaching does for you) 

What we Offer Holistically in WAT GD PI Course

Part 1 – Profile Walkthrough (We understand your profile and brief you on what is expected from a similar profile in Personal Interview – kind of questions and what you need to study to prepare)

Part 2 – Personal Interview 

– Upto 8 Personal Interviews depending on calls you have and the performance in interviews and the need. 

– Helping you make the Action Plan which should ensure you convert the calls you have

We help you with the following (not limited to following) for Personal Interviews during Mock Interviews and Feedbacks:

  • Focus on refining personal, academic and career related questions
  • Questions on graduation
  • Questions on Work experience
  • Questions on hobbies, long term and short term career objectives
  • Ethical dilemma, Leadership display, Hobbies etc. related questions
  • Why this B School and how it fits in your career goals
  • How to frame above answers and avoid pitfalls
  • How to lead an interviewer in the direction you want
  • How to answer guesstimate questions asked in interviews

wat gd pi course

Part 3 – Group Discussions and WAT 

  • Introduction to WAT
  • Expectations from a candidate in WAT
  • How to approach WAT
  • Important topics for WAT
  • Introduction to GD / Case Discussions
  • Expectations from a candidate in GD / Case Discussions
  • Important topics for GD 
  • How to approach GD / Case Discussions
  • WAT topics, reviews after every submission and improvement tracking
  • Notes on trending WAT and GD Topics
  • Mock Group Discussions / Case Discussions

Part 4 – Group Exercise (If it is the part of process of college you have call from)

  • Introduction to GE 
  • Expectations from a candidate in GE
  • How to ensure you get good score in GE
  • Commonly Asked GE Tasks

Part 5 – Content 

  • You get a Free Copy of WAT GD PI Preparation Book, authored by Varun Saxena – couriered to you in January last week
  • List of commonly asked questions in B Schools
  • Business and Economic Terms Capsule (to be released on Jan 26) 
  • GK Capsule (to be released on Jan 26) 

Lastly, a 24 x 7 Support to help you prepare to the best possible extent and answer any doubt which you have till you enter the Interview room on the day of Process.

Results of Last Year

We stopped the enrollments last year after having 650 registrations as we wanted to focus on quality as we had limited resources. Out of 650 students, 591 converted atleast 1 of their best 3 calls, 487 converted atleast 2 out  of their best 3 calls. We have sent students to IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, IIM L, IIM I, IIM K, IIM Shillong, SPJIMR, NITIE, MDI, FMS, JBIMS Mumbai, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, GIM, NMIMS Mumbai, NMIMS Bangalore, SIBM Pune, SCMHRD Pune, SIMS Pune, TAPMI, IMI, IMT, IFIM, Welingkar, Vanguard, Alliance, and other B Schools. 

wat gd pi course