CAT 2020 Preparation: One simply cannot deny the importance of time in CAT exam preparation. I would say don’t wait for the right time, start it immediately because the more time you give in for practice the better it is for the examination. Also, I will suggest you to go for Online CAT Coaching because proper guidance and study plan are the key to crack CAT.  In today’s era of technology, does not make sense to waste humongous amount of money and travel time, which you could use instead for effective and efficient CAT Preparation.

When to Start CAT 2020 Preparation

The answer is NOW. 

For some, 12 months may not be enough, while for others 6 months may be enough. And when we are gearing up for a highly competitive exam like CAT, then we should not take the chance and start preparing at the earliest possible.

To prepare for CAT 2020 exam you may start working on the following points:

  • First and foremost, in order to score well in CAT, you need to know and understand the CAT syllabus and CAT exam pattern.
  • Get hold of right set of books based on latest CAT pattern. Here is the list of Books and Online Resources for CAT Preparation.
  • Take FREE CAT MOCK TEST as a diagnostic mock and know where you stand as of today.
  • Plan your entire preparation and draft a study plan after knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Be organized and follow a time-table.
  • Read daily newspapers and magazines from day 1 as this will help you to understand different topics and increase your hold over English, General Knowledge, and various other topics.
  • When you get a grip over the basic syllabus of CAT, you must start taking regular mock tests to know the preparation status which will help you to analyze your performance. CAT Mock Tests are the most effective method of evaluating your current preparation level and re-strategize your future preparation plans.
  • Also solving the past 10 years’ questions of CAT can increase chances of cracking CAT with a good percentile.

CAT 2020 Study Plan

A proper Study plan should comprise of 4 main things:

Avid Reading 

There is no better way to improve your Verbal Ability than to read books. The problem here is that most of us do not read enough books. CAT verbal is a cakewalk for people who read a lot. 1/4th of the whole paper is on verbal comprehension. So they mainly check how well can an aspirant comprehend.

Conceptual Clarity 

Quantitative Aptitude is the most diverse area in the paper and there are a lot of basic concepts involved. Hence one must be thorough with almost 95% of them. If the base is strong getting a 99+%ile is a cakewalk for the aspirants.

LRDI: The most tricky section

It is only on the D-day every aspirant understands that what he/she prepared for this section and what came was a hell-heaven difference. A proper study plan for this section must be getting the basics right and then solving as many diverse problems possible.

Taking mocks and Analyzing them

This is the most important area of your CAT preparation. One must at least take 30 mocks and analyze them to ace the exam. Analyzing the mocks is more important than giving a mock. Do not attempt another mock without analyzing the previous mock.

You can easily score well in CAT 2020 with a proper study schedule and regular mock tests. This is the time you need to be determined and confident. It is hoped that the above-discussed outline will encourage you to start your CAT 2020 preparation immediately. All the Best! 

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