XLRI Jamshedpur conducted XAT 2019 on January 6, 2019 (Sunday). This time, it had a changed, or rather, revamped exam pattern and schedule. The exam went on for three hours, from 10 am to 1 pm. Till XAT 2017, the exam duration was 3 hours 37 minutes. The major change, however, that XAT 2019 Exam witnessed was the scrapping of the Essay Writing section. Find the XAT 2019 Sectional Analysis in this article.

XAT 2019 Exam Pattern

Sections in XAT 2019 Exam No. of questions
Verbal and Logical Ability 26
Decision Making 21
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation 27
General Knowledge 25
Total questions 99

Changes Introduced in XAT 2019

XAT 2019

  • Exam Pattern in XAT 2019: As mentioned earlier in the article, the Essay Writing section was eliminated in XAT 2019. The exam paper only contains four sections: Verbal and Logical Ability (VA & LR), Decision Making (DM), Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation (QA & DI), General Knowledge (GK).
  • Application Fee: The application fee is revised. From XAT 2019, it went to 1,700 from 1,650.
  • Test duration: This time, XAT was conducted in three hours, unlike earlier times, when the test duration used to be 3 hours and 35 minutes.
  • Change of Centre for XAT 2019: The exam took place in 46 cities in India. This year onwards, XLRI Jamshedpur permitted candidates to change their exam centres and to pick one of their own choice. They just needed to write an email to admis@xlri.ac.in. However, they had to mention their XAT ID, Date of Birth, Father’s Name, City Chosen and updated city, requesting for the change until the stipulated date. However, a candidate could apply for the change only once. Also, this option of changing XAT test city was provisional. Besides, XLRI’s decision to allot test centres and cities was considered final.  

XAT 2019 Sectional Analysis

Section A: Verbal and Logical Ability

The Verbal and Logical Ability section had 26 questions and was on the difficult side as compared to last year. However, the questions were evenly distributed between both Verbal Ability and Logical Ability areas. There were 4 RC passages with 3 questions each and one poem of 2 questions which was on the difficult side. Other questions were on English Usage which included Vocabulary, Grammar, appropriate word usage and Verbal Reasoning. Nearly all the questions were of an inferential nature.

The FIB questions and some of the CR questions were really difficult. The vague reasoning used in some RC questions made it difficult for the candidates. The RC passages were from areas of Psychology, Art and Social issues. A good attempt would be 16-18 questions with 70% accuracy.

Verbal Ability / Reasoning

Area/Questions No. of Qs. Question Type Level of Difficulty
Verbal Ability / Reasoning
Analogy & Antonym 2 Grammar-based 1 Medium, 1 Difficult
Fill in the blanks (4/5 blanks) 3 Vocabulary-based 1 Medium, 2 Difficult
Jumbled Paragraphs 2 Reasoning-based 2 Medium
Critical Reasoning 5 Reasoning-based 3 Medium, 2 Difficult

Reading Comprehension

Area/Questions No. of Qs. Question Type Level of Difficulty
Poem Comprehension 2 All were Inferential 2 Difficult
Reading Comprehension 12 (4 Passages of 3 Questions each) All were Inferential 2 Medium, 2 Difficult

Section B: Decision Making Ability

This section contained 21 questions. Situational Decision Making dominated this section with 18 questions. There were 3 caselets which were similar to those that were in the previous year papers. Some questions were ambiguous. Overall, the difficulty level of  XAT 2019 Decision Making was of moderate difficulty. Students should have solved about 16-17 questions confidently out of the 21 questions in 50-55 minutes. 

Area/Questions No. of Qs. Level of Difficulty
Situational 21 Moderate

Section C: Quantitative Ability

This section was slightly easier compared to previous years’. 21 questions were on Quantitative Ability, 2 sets on Data Interpretation comprising 6 questions in total. QA was dominated by Geometry, Numbers and Arithmetic. Also, the level of difficulty was lower than that of XAT 2018. In a nutshell, one could have attempted 2-3 questions from DI and 13-15 Quant questions in about 65-70 minutes with 80%-85% accuracy will be considered good. 

Area/Questions No. of Qs. Level of Difficulty
Arithmetic 4 Easy
Algebra 7 Easy- Moderate
Co-ordinate Geometry 4 Moderate
Geometry 4 Moderate-Difficult
Data Sufficiency 2 Moderate
DI (Time Zone) 3 Moderate-Difficult
DI (Mixed Graph) 3 Easy- Moderate
Total 27 Moderate

Section 4: General Knowledge

The level of difficulty of this section was same as that of last year. There were 25 questions in this section. There was a good mix of easy, difficult and moderate questions. The key areas from where the questions were asked were static GK. However, the questions came from diverse topics and centering around subjects like History, Geography, Business and Economy, names of political personalities, etc. To attempt this section well, students must possess extremely good general awareness.

Students could have easily spent 10-15 minutes on GK. Since there is no negative marking, all questions can be attempted without fail. A score of 12-14 would be considered a good score in this section.

Section No. of questions Difficulty Level
History 1 Moderate
Geography 4 Moderate-Difficult
Economy & Business 7 Easy-Moderate
Current Affairs 2 Easy
Personality & Awards 3 Moderate
Science & Tech 2 Moderate
Polity 2 Easy
Miscellaneous 2 Moderate-Difficult
Sports 2 Easy-Moderate
Total 25 Moderate

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