XAT Essay Topic 6 : Advertising is a legalized lying


Advertising is for the promotion of goods and services. H. G. Wells made the famous statement that advertising is a legalized form of lying. But the ethical conduct of brand managers and the sincere efforts by the advertising industry to adhere to good practices has made this statement far from true in modern times. While many people argue that advertisers exploit the emotions of people, nothing could be far from the truth.

Indian and international advertising companies have focused on using strong, positive messages to widen markets and promote brisk sales of products. Advertising is not legalized lying.

Advertising has generated massive revenue for companies worldwide. It has boosted consumerism and spurred the growth of the national as well as global economies. Key advertising agencies follow strict guidelines in formulating their ads. Print ads as well as commercials are in keeping with modern times.

Some ads such as the famous Amul girl even convey valuable commentary on relevant social, political and economic issues. Other components of promotional ads such as public relations and sales promotion are not only critical for boosting sales, but also contributing to the growth and progress of key sectors in the economy such as services and manufacturing.

Advertising aims to reach consumers across various segments. Products are advertised keeping the needs of the target population in mind. The ad is designed to evoke emotions and thoughts about the product or service in the minds of the consumer.

Advertising is a key to successful brand promotion. This is why advertisers and marketing teams focus on promoting correct information about the product. Countries all over the world including India regulate the quality of commercials to ensure that no rules are being flouted and consumers are not being misled.

Advertisers use research techniques to understand consumer sentiment. The ads are created to capture key emotions and convey strong messages. An ad can only be successful if carries true information and solid facts. If advertisers were to resort to lies, this would eventually destroy the brand.

Though ad campaigns are stylized and somewhat glamorous descriptions of a product, service or individual, the basic facts conveyed do not deviate far from the truth. Advertising is centred on producing campaigns and commercials which answer the questions people may have regarding a certain brand.

Public opinion is a powerful force in today’s world. It can make or break governments. Any ad campaign that conveys the true feelings of the common man is sure to find resonance with the masses. This is what motivates the advertisers to produce commercials that reflect fact, not fiction.

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Creativity is an important aspect of designing any ad or commercial. But regulatory authorities ensure that modern day advertising does not twist or distort facts.
This is the key to ensuring that ad campaigns create a powerful impact.

Advertising awards and accolades are also given to commercials and ad campaigns which carry powerful messages and use innovation and creativity to create a powerful impact. This is why ad campaigns and commercials nowadays do not lie. They convey facts in a creative and meaningful manner.