Thank you for making XAT Decision Making + Mocks Course the most trusted XAT Course for 4th consecutive year. In this article, to help you all further, we bring to you the XAT Essay Topics List 2019.

XAT Essay Topics List 2019

Here we go with the XAT Essay Topics List 2019: 

  1. Blue Whale Game and impact of social media on younger generation
  2. GST Reforms and impact on Indian economy
  3. Right To Privacy
  4. North-eastern India. Special attention needed.
  5. Nuclear power plants in India. Whether India should focus more on them, etc.
  6. Demonetization : Bane or Boon 
  7. 100% FDI in ecommerce.
  8. Freedom of expression versus nationalism.
  9. Digitisation and Indian democracy.
  10. Make in India.
  11. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  12. Pros and cons of a cashless economy.
  13. Trial by media.
  14. Development and Green India.
  15. Inclusion of women in the armed forces. More combat roles for women.
  16. India’s role in the changing global order.
  17. India Needs Bullet Trains more than Bullet Control over Climate
  18. Data Security is a myth in the days of Whats app and Facebook
  19. Freedom of Speech is more important than being Nationalist while expressing views
  20. Role of media is important in driving the sentiments and perception of the country men

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