XAT 2019 Exam was held on January 6, 2019 as a computer-based test between 10am-1 pm. XAT 2019 Results were declared on January 16, 2019. The shortlisted candidates have already received calls for their GD-PI Rounds from XLRI. If you are one of the lucky few, and nervous about your XLRI GD, read on to know about all XLRI GD Topics!

XLRI – Xavier Labour Relations Institute or XSM – Xavier School of Management is one of the oldest, private management institutes in India. This school was established in 1949 by the Society of Jesus, also referred to as ‘Jesuits.’  XLRI is located in Jamshedpur and Jharkhand.

XLRI offers courses for Management and Trade Unions and a two year full-time programme in Industrial Welfare.

XLRI Admission Process 2019

It is one of the top-ranked internationally accredited B- schools. For Admissions 2019 in XLRI, there are two exams, one is namely XAT- Xavier’s Aptitude Test which can be taken by all Indian students and the other being GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test for all Non-Residential Indians (NRI). Every year thousands of aspirants apply for these exams in order to obtain admission in this prestigious institute.

XLRI Selection Criteria 2019

The students qualifying the XAT and GMAT exams are shortlisted and are called for the further selection rounds.

The further selection process consists of two phases:

  1. Phase 1 : Group Discussion or GD
  2. Phase 2 : Personal Interview or PI

The final shortlisting of the admitted students is done on the basis of overall performance in Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GD-PI)

The total score obtained in XAT or GMAT exam constitutes 65% weightage. The Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds, however, constitute 20% weightage and the remaining 15% is for General Knowledge, academics and work experiences.

To clear your Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GD-PI) rounds, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly so as to leave a good impression on the panellists and make it to your dream B-school!

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XLRI Group Discussion 2019

XLRI GD Topics

In the Group Discussion (GD) Round, the candidates are divided into groups of eight. Each group is given a topic and a time duration40 minutes time for the discussion on the topic. In this GD Round, the panelists analyze the candidates’ team building capability, his/her leadership qualities, viz; how they can lead their group, put their ideas on the table and ensure a positive majority by their fellow teammates.

Generally, for a Group Discussion, one needs to be a good listener and a good speaker as well. So, do keep in mind that you have to make yourself heard loud and clear. However, you also need to give others a chance to speak and listen to them with patience, apart from maintaining decorum.

Post completion of the discussion, the final 10 minutes are provided to the students to mutually arrive at a common conclusion and be on the same page with everyone else, and then share that conclusion with the panelists.

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XLRI Interview Experience

For better understanding of how XLRI Interviews are conducted, let us go through a candidate’s personal experience:

Background of the Candidate:

  • The candidate is a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from a renowned private institute.
  • The candidate has scored 84.6% in B. Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering).
  • The overall XAT percentile of the candidate is 97.4.
  • The candidate scored 90.7% in 10th ICSE and 87.1% in 12th ISC.
  • The candidate belonged to General Category.
  • Candidate is ‘female’.

Topic allotted for Group discussion at XLRI

‘Trump is just another Modi.’

Duration: 40 minutes.

XLRI Group Discussion ensues!

The discussion started with the actions of Trump and their judgment about him stated. However, none of them compared both the leaders. I helped the group back on course (There is where I got points on leadership.) Soon very interesting points began to flow amongst us and all members were extremely friendly towards each other. The discussion was subtle and not like a fish market.  

For better performance prepare few topics that are expected in XLRI 2019 Admissions.

XLRI Expected Group Discussion Topics 2019

Here is a list of expected group discussion topics for 2019 XLRI Admissions:

  • Indian Economy 2018: Performances and policies of Modi regime.
  • Is Indian society ready for a cashless economy?
  • Globalization: an opportunity or threat?
  • Is Statue of Unity a symbol of pride or a wastage of public money?
  • Trump – Kim summit: Will De – Nuclearization instill world peace?
  • Does India really need a bullet train?
  • Can India afford spending a fortune on projects like ‘Mission to Mars’?
  • Give your views on the statement: India is a secular country.
  • What is the impact of social media on human behavior and society?
  • Is cryptocurrency a potent game changer or just a gimmick?
  • Seniority not merit should be the criteria for promotion.
  • Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?
  • Is FDI in retail sector good for India?
  • How significant is Nepotism in Bollywood?
  • Is the startup wave in India dying?
  • Is MBA necessary for a successful business?
  • How relevant is the #MeToo campaign?
  • Has Reliance Jio changed the telecom sector in India?
  • Will Artificial Intelligence further reduce the employment rate?
  • What are your views on Sabarimala verdict: Progressive or a threat to traditions?
  • Is India moving towards people management?
  • Is IT a chain puller of Indian Economy?
  • Spiritualism is a curtain to crime.
  • E- commerce is face and pace of economic reforms.
  • Women managers are less effective.

Given above are some expected GD Topics from the XLRI 2019 Admission Process. Therefore, be ready and prepare yourself for this round well. Notably, Panellists are more inclined towards picking students who have a voice of their own, stand tall and different from the rest of the crowd.

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XLRI Personal Interview

The candidate is invited inside the Interview room wherein a panel of three members is seated. The panellist, one by one, pose questions at the candidate. The questions are basically based on your resume. The questions asked are based on your academic skills, general knowledge, your work experiences, your hobbies and some random questions. All you have to do is just be yourself. If you don’t know the answer don’t try to fake it, overspeak or overcompensate. Just be you. They basically want to check your personality and your extent of general awareness. Don’t panic, instead, try being smart and witty.

The aforementioned were some of the points which will help you ace your GD-PI during XLRI 2019 Admissions. The way ahead is equally difficult, what with the intense competition, level of difficulty for both the GD-PI and students battling it out like their life depends on it! Therefore, you need to be thorough with your preparation and give your best!

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