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NMAT20 Full-length & 10 Sectional NMAT Pattern Based Online Mocks

VocabNMAT Customized Wordlist for Vocab questions

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NMAT Mock Test Series 2020 Course Content

  • Exclusive Partnership with GMAC since Last 4 Years
  • Close to Actual NMAT level Mock Tests
  • 20 Full-length NMAT Pattern Based Online Mocks with Analysis
  • 10 NMAT Customized Sectional Tests
  • NMAT Customized Wordlist for Vocab questions
  • Analyze your performance and cutoffs mock on mock
  • 128 students with 208+ score in Last Year's NMAT
  • 742 students with 190+ score in Last Year's NMAT

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Frequently Asked Questions About NMAT Exam

  • NMAT exam is a 120-minute test with three sections.
Section No. of Questions Allotted Time
Language Skills 32 22 minutes
Quantitative Skills 48 60 minutes
Logical Reasoning 40 38 minutes
  • Candidates can choose the order of sections.
  • Each of the three sections is individually timed and the test takers need to answer and review the questions of a particular section within the allotted sectional time limit.
  • If a candidate completes answering a particular section before the allotted section time expires, they may choose either to revise the section or move to the next section, but the left over time cannot be added on to the next section timing.

All the test takers who complete the registration process and pay the fee within the time specified are eligible to sit for the NMAT exam. It is the candidate’s responsibility to understand the eligibility requirements of all the universities and schools to which he/she is interested in applying before registering for NMAT. If any candidate registers for the test and then determine that he/she is ineligible for admission to the desired program, no test fee refund will be made.

Yes, a test taker can review the sections of the exam within the allotted sectional time. Review screen option which appears at the end of every section will allow the test taker to either move directly to unanswered questions, flagged for review questions or review all or any questions. Once the candidate has moved ahead from one section to the next section, he/she will not be able to return to the previous section.

Test takers applying for NMAT can register for one of the programs individually or for both the programs. Following table provides the applicable fees:

Program Fee
Test Registration INR 2000 + applicable taxes
Late Registration INR 2500 + applicable taxes
Retake INR 1100 + applicable taxes
Additional Score Report (beyond first five) INR 200 / Score Report + applicable taxes
Event Start End
Registration July 2, 2019 October 3, 2019
Scheduling July 2, 2019 October 16, 2019
Late Registration October 4, 2019 October 14, 2019
Registration for Retake October 5, 2019 December 14, 2019
Re-scheduling July 2, 2019 December 14, 2019
Exam Delivery October 4, 2019 December 17, 2019
Re-take Scheduling October 5, 2019 December 14, 2019
Final Announcement of Results 2nd week of January,2020

After the registration and payment being received by NMAT, test takers will receive an e-mail confirming their registration for the NMAT exam. Test takers can schedule their exams through the scheduling exam tab in candidate dashboard available in the account of the candidate. The candidates will get to choose the date, time slot and location of their preference subject to availability on a First come First Serve basis. Within the next 24 hours of scheduling the test, the candidate will receive a confirmation e-mail mentioning their test venue name and address along with date and time of the test.

A candidate can take the NMAT up to a maximum of 3 times (first attempt plus 2 retake attempts) including no shows, if he/she wishes to.

Scaled scores: All the test forms are equated to account for any differences in overall difficulty and the raw test scores are placed on a common scale. This is done inorder to ensure scores are comparable across test forms such that the scores are not impacted by different test takers getting different test forms.
Percentile scores: The percentile score shows how a test taker scored when compared to all other test takers who took the exam. For example, if a test taker is said to be at the 75th percentile, the test taker scored better than 75% of the test takers who took the NMAT exam.

"First come First serve" principle applies for both registration and scheduling of test. The earlier one registers and makes the payment will be able to schedule the test. And the earlier one schedules for the test, higher are the chances of getting preferred date, time and test location.

A test taker after taking his/her test can decide to retake NMAT exam. Candidate will be allowed to pay for the retake test through the Retake tab in candidate’s dashboard available in NMAT account by paying the applicable fee through the available payment modes. Retake option will be enabled in the candidate’s existing registration account after taking the first test and separate registration account is not required. A test taker is allowed to take the NMAT exam, a maximum of three times (first attempt plus a maximum of two retake attempts, including NO SHOWS). A candidate will be allowed to schedule the retake test on a date which is 15 days or more, later than the date of his/her previous attempt. In other words, the candidate will have to wait at least 15 days before he/she can appear for a retake attempt. Candidates are required to pay the applicable fee for each Retake attempt.

The Rescheduling option will be available to the candidates for the period starting July 02, 2019 to December 14, 2019. Candidates can decide to reschedule his/her test no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled test, to a different date, time and test centre, subject to availability, by paying additional fee through Credit Card only. After the test taker receives the confirmation e-mail, he/she will be able to reschedule the test. Seat availability in terms of exam centre, slot or date will be on a “First come First serve” basis. The test cannot be rescheduled if 72 hours or less remain before the scheduled appointment time.

No, candidates cannot take the test on two consecutive days. The candidate will have to wait for 15 days before he/she can appear for the retake test.

Yes, you need to pay the NMAT registration fee every time you retake your exam. You can retake the NMAT exam 2 times after appearing it once. Every time you have to register by paying INR 2000. Exam rescheduling is for INR 1100.

Test takers have the option to take the NMAT exam a maximum choice of three times during the 75-day testing window. This option enables the assessment of the candidate’s best performance.

Candidates will not be sent any results directly. NMAT will publish scaled scores within 4 to 5 weeks after the test taker has tested. Candidates will be notified on the availability of their score report which a candidate can access by logging into the NMAT account.

Candidates will be able to edit certain sections like School Preference and Communication Preferences in their registration form after submitting the registration fee. Candidates are advised to check the information entered in the online registration form carefully while registering and once again before submitting the registration as they will not be allowed to make any changes after submission.

The 75-day window enables the assessment of a candidate’s best performance and at the same time reduces the stress associated with a single sitting test or test offered in a short time window. The longer test window provides the candidates a flexibility to take the test when they are best prepared and avoid conflicts with other life events. The candidates will also get the convenience to reschedule the test in case of any emergency. The longer window also provides the candidates with the opportunity to retake the test (maximum 3 attempts, including "No Show") in case they feel that their performance was impaired on the test day for any reason or if they feel they can improve their performance in retake attempt.

1. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.
2. Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.
3. SDA Bocconi Asia Center (formerly MISB Bocconi), Mumbai
4. ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad and other locations
5. Alliance University, Bangalore ISBR Business School, Bengaluru, Karnataka
6. BSE Institute Limited
7. Amity University, Delhi NCR
8. Thapar School of Management, Chandigarh
9. Benett University - Delhi, NCRSRM University, Chennai, Delhi NCR Sonipat
10. Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida
11. University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun
12. Woxsen School of Business Management, Hyderabad
13. BML Munjal University, Delhi
14. VIT University, Vellore
15. ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai
16. Mody University, Rajasthan
17. GITAM School of International Business, Visakhapatnam
18. Hyderabad Business School, GITAM University, Hyderabad
19. Jindal Global Business school - Delhi/NCR
20. Athena School of Management - Mumbai

Yes NMIMS has a provision for sectional cutoffs, most of the B-schools accepting NMAT scores do not have this provision. 20. If a test taker completes answering and reviewing any section before the allotted sectional time completion, does the balance time get added to the next section? No, one cannot add the balance time of one section to the other. If a candidate completes answering and reviewing a section before the allotted section time expires, he/she may choose either to revise the section or move to the next section, but the balance time left cannot be added on to the next section timing.

No, one cannot add the balance time of one section to the other. If a candidate completes answering and reviewing a section before the allotted section time expires, he/she may choose either to revise the section or move to the next section, but the balance time left cannot be added on to the next section timing.