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Business Analytics using R – Self Paced

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Around the world, 70% of data miners are reported to use R and 24% of it as their primary tool for statistical programming. Average salary levels for R programmer vary from $73K for a Programmer Analyst to $145K for a Data Scientist.

R is a programming language used for statistical computing, data analysis, and machine learning. Applications of R programming are so diverse in pure science as well as in real life, for eg. Banking, clinical trials, health care, marketing, IT, Supply Chain etc. Professionals with R programming skills increasingly occupy data analytics positions across the globe.

Big Data Analytics using R certification course exposes you to the world of statistical programming. Along with Big Data and Hadoop, R programming provides a powerful combination to solve many Big Data problems. You will be able to comprehend Big Data concepts, significance of using R in Big Data Analysis, Industry use cases, and perform Advanced Analytics, Data Mining and Data Visualization.

Who should join Business Analytics with R

If you are a fresher and have a blend of mathematical & statistical skills and analytical talent, being a Business Analyst with R Certified Skills will be a right career choice for you.

If you are a data engineering professional or a business analyst who want to enhance their professional value in Big Data Analytics.

If you are a researcher or already experienced in Data Science using other technologies like SAS, SPSS etc., learning R programming and packages can significantly enhance your career as a Data Scientist, both professionally and financially.


Though there are no formal pre-requisites, Basic knowledge of statistics as covered in an undergraduate statistics course will be an added advantage.


  • 35 hours of High Quality Self Paced¬†Online Training
  • Trainer with 7+ years of industry experience
  • Hands-on experience in data manipulation, statistical analysis, and graphics applications
  • Access to On-demand support by Experts
  • Get completion certificate in R programming, accepted across gamut of companies


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