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CAT Number System

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Number System is an all-time favourite with the CAT exam setters as well as the students. The topic is known for intriguing conceptual problems that test the best brains. Learning simple tricks like divisibility rules, HCF and LCM, prime number and remainder theorems can help improve the score drastically. This course provides best shortcuts which make this topic easy and helps you master it.

16 reviews for CAT Number System

  1. sanyam goyal

    Thank you for this amazing course sir,I generally refrain from commenting but i am so overwhelmed by my result in TISS ,that i have to. I ll recommend the course to everyone who aspires to do MBA.

  2. vats mahajan

    The course was so specific,albeit extensive. I am grateful beyond expression for the round the clock assistance i got from you shubham sir. I breezed through the quant section of NMAT .

  3. raahi yadav

    I completely smashed the quant section of SNAP this year. I was barely expecting to do it but your course was of immense help. Thank you

  4. manali choudhury

    I was skeptical about online coaching. But this course was so convenient and all encompassing at the same time. I am hooked.

  5. priya vishwanath

    The best part of the course was the vedic maths trick. i learnt them while commuting. It was a cake walk after that

  6. Surbhi Jain

    The course was so comprehensive and detailed at the same time.I couldnt have done this without your help. Thank you.

  7. Aditya Pani

    Thank you shubham sir for the shortcuts.

  8. Harshit Bhogla

    Thank you Shubham sir for the course. Helped me to get all questions correct in Numbers in CAT.

  9. Aditi Kamath

    The concepts were so well explained in each video. Fully satisfied.

  10. dilpreet gill

    I am not a big fan of online coaching. But i ll have to say ,the exhaustive course and round the clock help in doubt solving made it very convenient and informative.

  11. harshita maheshwari

    This was a very comprehensive and very user oriented course. The videos didnt rush through the content. It was very productive

  12. vaibhav sharma

    I had really high stakes while giving IIFT this year. It was the last attempt i could afford and it turned out to be so fruitful,it was heartening. I learnt everything while not giving up my job. Thank you .

  13. vatsalaya dixit

    My score in SNAP this year wouldnt have been possible without this course. The particularity and clarity of the videos was extremely helpful .Thank you

  14. sanchit juneja

    Thank you sir for all the shortcuts, it was game changing for me.

  15. garima

    I had nearly abandoned the idea of taking MBA exams this year considering i had no time to prepare while working,but this course was everything i could ve asked for. Really amazing

  16. sahiba Nida

    I am so glad i took this course. I have benefitted so much from this course.The videos were very instructive.Great work.

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