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LR Course for Non CAT Exams




Logical Reasoning is an important component of of all non CAT Exams like TISSNET, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT among others. LR Section in Non CAT Exams is very different from the LR of CAT and hence needs a dedicated and focused preparation, keeping Non CAT Exams’ syllabus in mind. Palak Marwah, TISSNET AIR 1, brings to you this highly effective course on LR Course for non CAT Exams explaining the concepts along with solved questions from past year question papers, to help you ace LR Section in MBA Entrance Exams like TISSNET, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT etc.

This 5 hour course is designed to help you learn Logical Reasoning for non cat exams effectively with the help of shortcuts and tricks, aimed to help you achieve 100% accuracy in the topic.

Students who are planning to appear for non CAT Exams like TISSNET, SNAP, NMAT and CMAT

4 reviews for LR Course for Non CAT Exams

  1. Shreya

    I loved how the course went step by step and not haphazardly. It was really good.

  2. Shaleen

    LR section was the only one that i had no confidence in,but this course was really intense and comprehensive.

  3. shashwat

    Seating Arrangements is the biggest chunk in LR and it gave me shivers. But i rigorously followed this course and i got a good grip of the concepts.

  4. Arittra Pramanick

    It was a really informative course. I am glad i stumbled upon it.

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